Rules for Residents of Collins Bay RV Community

April 2017

These rules are guidelines by which everyone should adhere.  Our goal at Collins Bay is to provide everyone with clean, quiet and comfortable living.  Failure to adhere to any of the following rules could result in eviction after sufficient warning.

1. All recreational vehicles will be clean and in good repair. This means the vehicle should be washed and maintained on a regular basis and any broken window/door glass or other damages should be repaired as soon as reasonably possible.


2. All Park Models are required to be skirted. Other recreational vehicles we do encourage you to skirt.

3.  Any construction or remodeling must be approved by the management of Collins Bay RV Community.  All add on rooms to the recreational vehicle must be Dura-Built rooms and purchased through Kevin Herber.

4.  Satellite dishes must not be larger than 26 inches and their location must be approved by Collins Bay RV Community management before being installed.

5.  All Park Models purchased for use at Collins Bay RV Community must be purchased through Kevin Herber. If you wish to sell your recreational vehicle at Collins Bay RV Community, this will be done with a 6% commission paid to the lesser. See contract for more information.

6.  Storage sheds are to be barn style construction with hip or salt box roofs no larger than 8x8 and approved by Collin’s Bay RV Community management.  Sheds should be painted to match your recreational vehicle.

7.  Lawns are to be mowed and trimmed every week during the months that grass grows.  All lots should be clean of debris and clutter.  Items are to be stored in your shed.  No outside refrigerators or other outside equipment unbecoming of the campground are allowed.  Wood piles to be no larger than 4'x2' and not covered by plastic, etc.

8.  Pets are viewed by management as a privilege that does not need to be extended if your pet becomes a problem.  
    A.) Only house pets are allowed.  A house pet is one that spends the night in your home.  Dogs and cats are to be on leashes at all times.  No dog houses or pens.
    B.) Pets are not to be left on a leash in one spot long enough to destroy grass or any property.
    C.) No pet will be allowed that is deemed dangerous by the management of Collins Bay RV Community.
    D.)Excessive barking will not be tolerated. Do not let your pet bother other tenants.


9.  Quiet time at Collins Bay is from 11:00 PM Indiana time to 8:00 AM Indiana time. Excessive noise and partying will not be alowed. One warning is sufficient.  Repeat violators will be evicted.  The Campground reserves the right to terminate this agreement with the Seasonal Camper for failure to obey park rules, for disprepect of other campers or campground employees with or without cause.


10.  Any criminal activities conducted in the campground will be grounds for immediate eviction.


11.  No recreational vehicles such as: snowmobiles, dirt bikes, four wheelers are to be ridden in the park.


12. Boats and Piers:  Each site is in Collins Bay is provided a lakefront pier.  Check at the office for your assigned space.  Please do not attach anything without the management's approval and that is not in compliance with the floating dock system we have put in.  We would appreciate your help with keeping the shoreline free of weeds and debris.  Boats kill the grass when left lying along the shoreline and also make it difficult for us to mow.  Please arrange to keep your boat paralleled to the shoreline near the bank.  Speed on Barton Lake must never exceed 10 miles per hour.  All pontoons located in Collins Bay area must be placed in the water by the middle of June or they will be moved to a storage area and charged a $50.00 storage fee. Extra boat trailers may also be stored in the area where pontoons are stored.


13.  Parking lots are provided for each lot.  Use them instead of parking on the grass.


14.  No junk car are to be parked in the court area.  A car will be classified junk if it does not leave the campground at least once a week.  All automobiles must be licensed with up to date plates.


15.  Storage of recreational vehicle for the winter may be done without charge as long as the Lessee has paid $500.00 down and signed a lease with Collins Bay RV Community for the upcoming season.


16. Seasonal campers agrees to show proof of liability, property damage and comprehensive insurance on their unit.  The Campground cannot and will not, be held responsible for loss of any kind and it is mutually understood that the Seasonal Camper hereby releases the Campground from any and all liability.


17.  No gasoline golf carts will be allowed at Collins Bay RV Community, only electric operated golf carts will be allowed. Anyone driving a golf cart in Collins Bay must be a licensed driver and have their license on them while driving.  Golf carts are to be ridden from point "A" to "B". No joy riding!  Golf carts must have headlights on them to be driven after dark.  Golf carts are not to be driven through yards.


18.  No tents or other camping units may be set upon your lot.


19.  Referral incentive:  If someone you know commits to one year on an empty lot and signs a referral form, I will pay you a $200.00 referral fee.


20. If someone you refer purchases a used Park Model and signs a referral form, I will pay you a $100.00 referral fee.