March 7, 2018

Hi Folks!
            I hope everyone has had a great winter and is excited about the 2018 season! I am very excited about the 2018 season. I couldn't ask for a better group of customers! Thanks to each one of you for making my job so awesome!


We have several new events this year that should be a lot of fun! The event list is listed below. This is where we need your help. In order to pull off all of these events, we need some volunteers. Heading up the events this year are Brian & Nina Plumador and Vince & Rita Whitacre. Please give them a thank you for dedicating their time to plan, organize, and run these events. I am truly grateful for these two couples.


We will be having our exterior improvement contest again for 2018. Details on entering, judging, and prizes are below.


Please visit our website at: Mark Goulet has done a fantastic job with our website and I cannot thank him enough. There you will find the rules listed, homes for sale, rates, and activities that are scheduled. Also, like the Lakers page on Facebook. Many updates will be posted on this page.


There are new rules about shed sizes, number of sheds, and shed foundations. There will also be a change in summer pontoon/camper storage. Check out the new rules at the bottom for further details.

Also, this is a friendly reminder that in order to drive a golf cart your must have a driver’s license. There were too many incidences last year of young kids driving golf carts.


Please note that rental rates will remain the same for the second year in a row!

This year (2018) water will be turned on April 13th and will be turned off October 22nd, weather permitting.

See you soon,


Joseph Herber, Manager

Lakewood Mobile Home Court


Complete newsletter including rates, rules and activities can be downloaded here:


The Staff:

JosephMarsha and SteavinJonMarkMark


From Left to Right: Tyler, Marsha & Steavin,

Jon, Mark and Marie

Nancy and Kevin Herber

Nancy and Kevin Herber



Improvement Contest

To help stimulate further improvement Lakewood will be having an Improvement Contest. If you want to build a deck, build a shed, paint your home, put in landscaping, etc, then this is the time to do it. This year will operate a little differently. Pictures and voting will mostly take place on the Lakers Facebook page. Send in your entries by messaging Brian & Nina Plumadore or Vince & Rita Whitacre. Exterior pictures only. Two votes per trailer will be allowed. To vote you must also message the Plumadores/Whitacres. All entries are due June 9th. Live voting will happen between 10-11am June 30th. Make a posterboard if you want your pictures displayed for live voting.  First prize will be $500, second prize will be $300, and third prize will be $200. If there are any questions call 260-833-1081.