March 3, 2015

Hi Folks!
            I hope everyone has had a great winter! At least this year wasn't quite has harsh as last year. Before you know it 80 degrees, burgers on the grill, and a ride around the lake will be on the agenda for the weekend. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. I say it every year but I'll say it again... I love what I do! I get to do something different every day, I work with great employees, and I couldn't ask for a better group of customers! Thanks to each one of you for making my job so awesome!

            We have several events again this year. The event list is listed below. This is where we need your help. In order to pull off all of these events, we need some volunteers. What would be ideal is if a couple, or a group of couples would pick just one event to run. Most of the events are just bring a dish and play a game... nothing too strenuous. The big events like the 4th of July and Labor Day are all taken care off. We could also us help with cleaning up after events and changing the sign board. So as you look through the list and see an event and want to run it, please contact us. My hat is off to Vicki Brobst, Jody Albright, and Becky Kotnik for creating and running these events. Be sure to thank these wonderful ladies when you see them.

            We will be having our exterior improvement contest again for 2015. Details on entering, judging, and prizes are below.

Please visit our website at: Mark Goulet has done a fantastic job with our website and I cannot thank him enough. There you will find the rules listed, homes for sale, rates, and activities that are scheduled. 

            Please note that rental rates increased 4% ($86) for 2015 season. This represents the average inflation rate for the past year and rate increase to add new amenities. Your lot class is listed at the bottom of this letter. These rates are effective for any rent due on or after April 1 2015. You can download a pdf copy of this letter, events schedule and rates by clicking here:

   This year water will be turned on April 15th and will be turned off October 21st,  weather permitting.


See you soon,


Joseph Herber

Manager, Lakewood Mobile Home Court



GeneJosephMarsha and Steavin


From Left to Right: Gene, Tyler, Marsha & Steavin,

Jon, Mark and Marie

Nancy and Kevin Herber

Nancy and Kevin Herber