Lakewood Park Rules and Regulations April 2018


MOBILE HOMES: All mobile homes should be in good repair and routinely washed, painted, skirting repaired, etc. Failure to up keep your home will result in a notice to clean it up. Continued failure will result in eviction. Steuben County zoning laws require that all mobile homes be tied down and skirted.
A key to your mobile home must be in the office for emergency use. Please notify us if you want us to give your key to family, repairmen, and/or friends. We ask all residents to mow their lawns around their mobile home and routinely keep it trimmed. Failure to do so will result in a $25.00 charge. Parking areas are provided. Use them rather than parking on lawns. No junk cars are allowed at Lakewood.
No campers, tents, or other camping units may be parked on lots or behind mobile homes. 
* No new fences. Any currently standing are grandfathered in.


UTILITIES: Lakewood furnishes sewer, water, and electric to all mobile home sites. The resident is responsible for all connections to the service provided. Please check that your lead-in wire for electricity is buried and that your sewer connection is secure in the outlet. We have four wells pumping into a main water line. On holidays and on peak periods of use, please abstain from watering your lawns. Report all leaks at hose outlets to us.


RENT: Rent is due and payable in advance. It may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-anually, or annually. See the Rates Page for more information. Delinquent payments past 30 days will be charged an 18% interest charge. If rent is continually delinquent, it will be cause for eviction.


CONTACT INFORMATION: Notify the office of any address and/or phone changes at your billing address. Please let the office know of your lake/cell phone number.


SELLING YOUR HOME: All mobile homes sold on our lots must be listed with the office on an Exclusive for Sale contract at 6% commission. You may remove your mobile home from the lot and court for resale. The lot will be rented to another.


NEIGHBORS: Please be considerate and respectful of your neighbors. The mobile homes are in close proximity to each other, and noise, music, etc. can be annoying. Quiet time at Lakewood is from 11:00 P.M. to 8:00 A.M. Children and teenagers must not be left in the court overnight or for a long period of time unsupervised. Social drinking is acceptable confined to your own social group. Please remember that some residents do not approve of their children being exposed to drinking, thus, the recreation area and beach are no places for drinking.                                                                   


FIREWORKS: Fireworks are only allowed on the weekend of the 4th of July, or closest to the 4th. Any fireworks in the park outside of the days listed will be subject to a fine of $25.00. Fireworks are dangerous to children and can cause animals in the park to bark past the intended quiet time.                                                                                                   
BOATS AND PIERS: Each lot in the Court is provided a space at the lakefront for your own pier or to share. Check at the office for your assigned space. Please keep your pier in repair. We would appreciate your helping to keep the shoreline free of weeds and debris. Boats kill the grass when left lying along the shoreline and also make it difficult for us to mow. Please arrange to keep your boat paralleled to the shoreline near the bank.  


Speed on both Barton Lake and Michiana Lake must never exceed 10 miles per hour.


All pontoons located in the Court area must be placed in the water by the middle of June or they will be moved to a storage area and charged a $50.00/month storage fee. Extra boat trailers may also be stored in the area where pontoons are stored.


GOLF CARTS: Anyone driving a golf cart in Lakewood must be a licensed driver and have their license on them when driving the cart. All golf carts will be required to have license plates with your lot number front and back. These will be purchased through the office for $25.00. Golf carts must have headlights to be driven after dark. Golf carts are not to be driven through yards. Golf carts are to be driven from point "A" to point "B." No joy riding!


Sheds: All lots are limited to one shed. Shed size limits are 10X12ft and must be able to be moved. No concrete is allowed to be used as a floor. Any lots that already has more than one shed, is larger than 10X12ft, or has a permanent foundation will be grandfathered in.


Pontoon/Camper Storage: There will be a $120 summer storage fee for any pontoon, camper, speedboat, or Jet Ski left in the storage field over the summer. This $120 fee will represent the time in between May 31st to September 1st.


PETS: All pets must be on a leash at all times in the mobile home court. No dogs at the beach at any time. Always be respectful of your neighbors and scoop your pet's waste. 


* LOT IMPROVEMENTS AND PROJECTS: Any improvements or projects that take place to the exterior to a home must get approval through Lakewood management. Such improvements include, room additions, patios, decks, sheds, awnings, and landscaping.